Nanobubbles Benefits for Ponds and Lagoons

  • Increases beneficial activity of aerobic microorganisms on the lake bottom that help consume sludge and reduce sediment levels—reducing the need to dredge.
  • Reduces phosphorus and nitrogen levels through nutrient conversion thereby restricting weed and algae growth stimulation

  • Increases populations of beneficial aquatic larvae and insects who in turn feed fish and encourage healthy populations.

  • Reduces the population of anaerobic and pathogenic microorganisms that produce volatile acids and foul smelling gases.

Our Exclusive Solution to Control Algae in Ponds and Lagoons

We combine Nanobubble oxygen technology with biostimulation/bioaugmentation. This approach takes advantage of new methods to incorporate dissolved oxygen in the water column along with increasing cellular metabolism with the patented biostimulant, Byo-Gon PX-109 to naturally increase microbial activity and address water quality issues.

A OMRI-certified and USDA Bio-Preferred product, Byo-Gon PX-109 is 100% natural and safe to handle and use in all water treatment applications—providing the natural microbial enhancement to maximize the performance of nanobubble oxygen systems.

Nanobubble System Set-Up

Nanobubble systems are driven by a small pump, an oxygen generator, and nanobubble unit and are installed on the edge of the water body. With a tiny footprint, it operates quietly and consumes only a small amount of energy. Water is drawn up from the lake or pond, screened, and pumped in through the system where it is injected with nanobubbles and then pumped back into the water body at a selected discharge point—ideally at an inlet if there is one. Larger bodies of water require multiple units in different locations to provide adequate treatment and disbursement of the nanobubbles.

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